Trimentation is the central web home for Addie Beseda, a software engineer and cat lover who is perpetually seeking balance in the Portland, Oregon metro area.

The name trimentation was devised while seeking a unique domain that fit my personality: mentation for my overactive brain and love of wordplay; tri for that excess of thinking and as a tribute to my favorite prime and the endless multiples in its family.


Summary: I am a software engineer who will be rounding out my sixth year in industry in the summer of 2012. I work with web applications; primarily scripting languages and the LAMP stack. That said, I've also been initiated to the wonderful world of service-oriented architectures and RESTful web services, and the JVM languages that typically come with that environment. I'm still happy to label myself a "generalist" beyond that.

Summary Postscript: I identify as a geek feminist and care deeply about the underrepresentation of women in technology. I am specifically concerned with the reasons that already-interested and already-committed women are driven to leave the field or otherwise experience professional setbacks due to larger systemic issues. I believe that learning about the basic research on the topic is an important first step in ensuring a better and more productive working life for myself and my peers.

I keep a technical blog called Tech & Troublemaking.

I am (finally) starting to build out a presence on github. Check there for code samples; I'm hoping to have more very soon!

You can find an online copy of my resume here. (This is current Feb. 2011 and a current 2012 version will be posted momentarily. It has been a busy year!)

Job status: I currently work at Thetus and am not looking for new career opportunities at present. Please do not contact me about jobs that require relocation unless they are headquartered in Portland, OR.


My overall focus is consistently balance and health of the whole self: it's an ongoing journey rich with "areas for improvement" even in the best of circumstances.

I'm a hobbyist juggling too many interests and a frequent craving for mastery.

I am an idiopathic hypersomniac with a circadian rhythm disorder that oscillates between irregular and delayed. It is a part of my identity that drives everything I do - including my greater pursuits - for better or for worse.

At present: I actively involve myself with my cats, vegetarian cooking, baby ketten karaoke, the ups and downs of homeownership, sewing, current events, the mysterious struggle that is attempting to be a distance runner with a sleep disorder, a good book or word / logic puzzle, and a decent amount of video-gaming (Skyrim!).

At present: I actively yearn to (re-)engage myself with starting my own karaoke track band with my mom, gardening, yoga, mindfulness practice, free-time coding projects, immersion in the Portland tech community, open source, romantic relationships, knitting / crochet, travel, and new people / experiences.

You can find me elsewhere on the web in the typical places:

... and if you haven't grown up on the Web with a name that is unique to you alone, a simple Google search can reveal even more "web presence" than anybody who recalls being thirteen would care to acknowledge.